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Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

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Instituted in January 1994 this medal is awarded for aggregated service since August 14th 1969 (The start of Operation Banner in Northern Ireland) in theatres where the General Service Medal 1962 has been awarded and today the OSM and other medals as defined in their appropriate warrants.

The following medals count towards the award: South Atlantic, Gulf Medal 1990-91, Iraq Medal, OSM Afghanistan, OSM Sierra Leone and OSM Congo (DROC). In addition the following clasps to the GSM count: Northern Ireland, Dhofar, Lebanon, Mine Clearanace Gulf of Suez, Gulf, Kuwait, Northern Iraq and Southern Turkey, and, Air Operations Iraq.

Service must total 1080 days for the award of the medal, and a bar is awarded for each subsequent period of 1080 days.

Officially licensed by the Ministry of Defence (c) Crown Copyright.


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