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NATO - Former Yugoslavia

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The Secretary General has established the NATO Medal to be awarded to military and civilian personnel who are, or have been, engaged in operations, or in direct support of operations conducted by NATO in the Former Yugoslavia.


For award of the NATO Medal for Former Yugoslavia, personnel must complete both the qualifying period of service (below) and meet the eligibility criteria (above). The qualifying periods are: Thirty days continuous or accumulated service on the land, at sea or in the air spaces of the Former Yugoslavia, Albania, the Former Republic of Macedonia, and the Adriatic Sea (the theatre of operations); or Ninety days continuous or accumulated service, in the territories of Italy, Greece, Hungary and Austria, in direct support of the NATO operations in the Former Yugoslavia (the adjacent area). Tour numerals are awarded: after each additional 180 days service in the theatre of operations; or after each additional 540 days service in the adjacent area.


The Medal is circular in form and made of bronze, and bearing: on the obverse, the NATO star set in a wreath of olive leaves; and on the reverse, the title "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" and the words "In the service of peace and freedom" in English and French. The tour numerals are Arabic script and made of bronze.


A large ring is attached to the top of the medal. The bar is sewn onto the ribbon.


The medal is always issued with a bar, inscribed "FORMER YUGOSLAVIA" or "EX-YOUGOSLAVIE".

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