First World War Medal Groups

Groups of first world war medals for sale.

14*Trio Def Bull Midd?x
S-6715 PTE. C.R. BULL. 4/MIDDX R

SKU: C1502005

14*, VM Low 16 London
Captain T R Low London Regt

SKU: C1502010

Trio 15 Star Hobbs FW RE
1320 Spr F W Hobbs RE

SKU: C150429

Trio HD ADDIS Canadian Inf
Lt Addis Canadian Infantry and RFC

SKU: C1502001

1914-1915 Star Trio AOC
012389 PTE. S.BURROWS. A.O.C

SKU: C12035

Pair A Wood W Riding R
A Wood West Riding Regt

SKU: C16002

BWM VM Sloane Middlesex R
43710 Pte G Sloane Middlesex R

SKU: C24020044

BWM VM Bracey RE
147320 Dvr F Bracey RE

SKU: C24020042