George Medal - Brian Batchelor

George Medal - Brian Batchelor

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The highly emotive George Medal and TGWU Gold Medal for bravery pair awarded posthumously to Brian Batchelor in connection with the Piper Alpha disaster.

George Medal EIIR (Brian Philip Batchelor); TGWU Gold Medal for Bravery (Awarded to the late Bro. B.P.Batchelor Branch No7/48/33 For Bravery 1988) hallmarked for Birmingham 9ct Gold.

George Medal in case of issue, medal lacking pin.

Brian Batchelor was in an inflatable rescue craft which had saved six people and was attempting to save more when the rig was torn apart by the last huge blast. The crafts fuel tanks exploded and Brian and another colleague on the craft were killed.

The following appeared in the London Gazette - the actual recommendations have not yet been made public;

In recognition of bravery during the hazardous evacuation and rescue operations following the explosions and fire which destroyed the Piper Alpha platform in the North Sea on the night of 6th July 1988. A cloud of gas concentrate that had been leaking from a pump, which was missing a safety valve, ignited on the Piper Alpha platform at 21.55pm on 6th July. This was followed by three further explosions at 22.20, 22.50 and 23.20, caused by the rupture of the pipelines connecting Piper Alpha to other platforms.

The ensuing fire would reach temperatures of 700 degrees and debris was thrown 800 metres into the air.

London Gazette: 20th December 1990

Date and Place of incident: 6th July 1988; North Sea

Notes: James Clark, Charles Haffey, Andrew Kiloh, Ian Letham, James McNeil, and Malcolm Storey were also awarded the George Medal. John Barr, Donald Brown, Christopher Dunwoody, William Flaws, Ian MacKay, Stanley MacLeod, and Peter Thomas received the Queen’s Gallantry Medal. Barry Barber, Robert Carroll, William Clayton, Gareth Parrydavies, and Robert Vernon were all awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct.

Only 27 George Medals have been awarded posthumously.

Comes with various newspaper cuttings and photographs of Piper Alpha.

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